Saturday, May 30, 2009


Little Rock has a festival every Memorial Day weekend- music mostly but lots of other things to do and see. We went this year. A great time, but rain!

While leaving the festival, I decided to give away the tickets we had purchased (needed to buy concessions)... maybe $10 worth? As quickly as I decided this, I approached the first person I came to. Holding out the tickets and said, "Would you like these?" He was a young fellow and I think my offer struck him off-guard... probably was wary of an offer from a stranger... A young lady in his group though immediately spoke up and agreed to take them... the guy quickly handed off the tickets to her.

Maybe I embarrassed him? He did not want to take charity? Not comfortable with it? Maybe I should have handled it a different way-- left the tickets somewhere they would be found.

The next day was Sunday. Still raining. We went out for breakfast. Our waitress was apparently stiffed on a tip by some people at a table nearby. We doubled our tip to help out.

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