Monday, June 15, 2009

Air Evac bill of another Humble Servant

A fellow I know had a serious accident. They air-lifted him to the hospital. The bill was quite large-- $12,000. The health insurance doesn't cover such things.

So, a bunch of folks got together to all chip in to help out. This particular guy had really given his time and effort during a recent weather disaster-- helping coordinate the relief effort and doing a lot of work himself even though he's not in the best of health...

Then while working in his own yard, major injuries. He's going to be OK... I gave what I could... I hope to find out if he got all the $ needed of if he's still short.

To be on the safe side I bought a family membership to the Air Evac (I frequently find myself in accidents, and my wife thinks the AWD on her truck means any-where drive).

Meanwhile I'm saying Yes a lot. We were invited to the lake on some friend's boat (said YES of course). Lots of fun, they asked me to steer and I did (no crashes!).

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