Saturday, June 20, 2009

Humbly Recycling and this week's doings

The office where I work put out bins to collect plastic bottles, and a dumpster in the parking lot. It's shocking how quickly they fill up! And to think, before that this stuff was going to the landfill.

So, I started bringing my bottles from home, putting them in the dumpster outside... any plastic container with the "1" or "2" inside the triangle of arrows. I get a kitchen trash bag full in a couple of weeks!

Our office also has a bin for recycling cans, but I don't use many of those.

I drove to Tupelo yesterday to pick up our daughter from a mission trip. She and a group of teens helped repair a mobile home for an elderly lady. A budding young servant!

Round-trip, that was a 10 hour drive. I picked her up from the trip a little early because we wanted to go as a family to visit some relatives. Our nephew (9 yrs old) has just been cleared of cancer, they're having a party for him. Bad timing on the party for us, but NO WAY were we going to turn down the invitation. The party location is 2 hours from here... plenty of windshield time for H.S. this weekend.

I added a little gadget to dress up this site a bit. More to come as I get time and see other sites with cool stuff on it.

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