Monday, June 8, 2009

A Calling Card?

I'm out and about Saturday morning... as I am heading into the market a girl asks, "Would you like to buy some baked items to help send me to summer camp?" and directs me toward a table with a variety of cakes, cookies, etc. Matronly ladies sit behind the table smiling, seeing that their fundraising is going to be successful.

Of course I am the Ozark Yes Man so I buy about $10 worth...

What to do with it? I can't (well I mean I shouldn't) eat all of this. So, I drop it by a local church to have with coffee for Sunday services.

As I'm dropping it off, it occurs to me-- I should leave a note so they'll know what it's for. Should I sign the note? With a smile, I sign it from "The Humble Servant".

But, now I ponder this: Can one proclaim himself to be humble? Isn't it a little prideful to make such a claim? Should I get business cards made up? I wouldn't put my real name on it, maybe just this website address and " you've been served... now go serve somebody" or a catchy phrase like that?

I'll stew on that one.

Meanwhile, I'm still leaving my change in vending machines. I took the family to dinner and gave the waitress a 30% tip.

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